Monday, January 14, 2008


I am thirsty

it cracks inside me

attempts escape


pulsing with my heartbeat


reaching stretching tiptoes

trying to touch It

get closer

breathe that air

the sweet cleansing rejuvinating revitalizing

the Real

I want It

I need It

to feel It

breathe It

drink It

touch It

hold It

be held by It

enveloped by It

the fire

fire inscribed on fire

icy purity

the Truth...

My yearning



For what?

For It


I don't know how to say it

in words...

but I know

I feel

I need...

Like a child

for water


...for that is all I know how to say...



I am so


and so tired

but I've never before felt so alive...

Is it possible

to become more alive

than this...?


will I ever find It

touch It

drink It

come close

be held close

by It?

My only desire

is that Connection





I want

the need tears at me

breaks me

almost hurts
in its intensity



for Home

for You

to You




I am

so thirsty...


chav said...

Oh, wow... there's pretty much nothing to say - you've said it all.

As Chazal say:
פתחו לי פתח כחודה של מחט ואני אפתח לכם כפתחו של אולם

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

ok, I must say; I've never been such a fan of (secular English) poetry. But the way this has been written, not many a wordy devotional/spiritual dissertation could have said.

יישר חילך לאורייתא

halfshared said...

What a prayer! May Hashem hear your tefillos and longing and shower you with bracha and mazel always! Thanks. That was so beautiful.

Scraps said...


You've left me breathless, and a little speechless.

You'll get there. You want it so badly, you can't possibly not.






Wanted to say something but nothing I will say it adequately express what this poem made me feel. Thanks for sharing and maybe soon get that which you yearn

G said...

So drink!

Stop looking up and look around, there are cups everywhere*!

*beware the lesson of Indiana Jones...before grasping be sure to choose wisely.

David_on_the_Lake said...


I also just posted a post about lies...
But yours is more hopeful and more individaulistic..

Theres so little truth in the grand wonder...those whove tasted it..thirst so much

corner point said...

Nothing to say? I have a sneaking feeling you have very much to why not say it?

I'm not sure what the Hebrew on the bottom means, (care to explain?) but thank you for the compliment

Thank you, Amen, and same to you!!
I just want to tell you that you give the most beautiful brachos in your comments...

That's what somebody else told me too...but how is that a havtacha? Just cuz someone might want something so badly, doesn't mean they're necessarily going to get it... There are so many out there who want to have children, have parnassah, have a husband or wife, have health...and they don't...and won'

Thanks for listening :-)
And amen...and same to you for whatever you long for...

That was good :-D
And you're right.
...and wrong.
Life is so much more complex than that unfortunately...

Very interesting.
I wasn't talking about truth vs. lies...
More like Truth vs. hevel havalim...Truth vs. superficiality...
Hmmm...which I suppose can be considered lies...

Ezzie said...

I wonder if we sometimes make it more complex than it really is...

G said...

"And you're right.
...and wrong."
Story of my life.

corner point said...

Oh, we definitely do sometimes.
Just in this case, if it was so easy to just take a cup and drink, I'd have done that long ago...

Hmmm... I know that story...

Here's some empathy:


Scraps said...

I think there's an intrinsic difference between wanting physical things--even if they are to be used for spiritual purposes--and wanting purely spiritual things. All of those things, which we think are in our hands, are really not; they're in Hashem's power to grant us or not. But a connection to Him...only you can be in charge of that. הכל בידי שמים חוץ מיראת שמים

That's why I say--if you want it that badly, you'll get it.

The Dreamer said...

aint we all thirsty...

the apple said...

I wonder if we sometimes make it more complex than it really is...


AT PEACE said...

Wow! Beautiful writing! I love it!

Lvnsm27 said...

great poem

Anonymous said...

I hate to be the heathen here, but you've left me thirsty.

Dry Eyes said...

Wow. That's all I can say.