Tuesday, December 11, 2007


From inside the cave...
I am here because I want to be
But also because this is how things are
I am on my own
I cry out
A prayer.

With my voice I cry out, pleading.
Plaintively, distressed,

I declare, whisper the thoughts heavenward.
My spirit is faded, dampened
You know how hard this is for me...
They try to encroach me in peril, lay traps,
Making moving difficult
I want to grow
reach higher
but I can barely walk,
or breathe...

And my comrades...?
I look around,
see none.
Nobody able to help me out of this
Escape seems impossible
But...is it?

I have cried out
To You, O G-d
"You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living..."
Please, guide me onto the right path...
Please listen
Heed my muted voice
I have been brought so low...
Slipped, fell...
Rescue me from my demons
for I am so weak against them...

Release my soul from imprisonment
so that I may acknowledge Your name
I want so badly
to be crowned among the righteous ones
when You bestow Your kindness upon me...

The day will come when I will see it...
Until then
I will believe it


Scraps said...

It's incredible how tehillim can be such a powerful conduit for what we're feeling. This mizmor in particular really captures the feeling of being entrapped, hopeless for all help except from Hashem...but you never stop reaching out for Him. And you will see the day when Hashem will release your soul from its confinement, when you will feel the full force and might of His chessed for you. I believe in it, too.

We all have our days when we slip and fall. But with Hashem's help, we get back up again.

The Dreamer said...

yup... tefillah is the key...

halfshared said...

I needed that. Thanks

pobody's nerfect. said...


corner point said...

We do...
I always felt this perek was written for me...


Glad to be helpful :)

YOU TOO...don't forget that...

David said...
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David_on_the_Lake said...

I relate to 51..

Lvnsm27 said...

I love when I read tehillim and I find a song I know.

Anyway great message, I'YH, we will receive at the right time what we are seeking

corner point said...


And yes, I like finding songs too :-)
It also helps sometimes when I start to get sleepy during Yamim Nora'im davening